With three young children, the Stika family was happy to share their experience under Dr. Parker’s care.

Dr. Parker and I met later into my second pregnancy which made me nervous, but he listened to me, he was easy to talk with and made the end of a very uncomfortable pregnancy go very smoothly. Over a year ago we welcomed baby #3, Coy, to our family with the help of Dr. Parker again. Dr. Parker, the Cherokee Medical Clinic staff and the OB team took time to make sure I was educated and comfortable every step of the way. COVID-19 made this pregnancy and birth experience significantly different than my other two, but we were again given such exceptional care.

Now, when we visit Dr. Parker and his team, my family feels like part of his – our girls truly love coming to visit and enjoy telling Dr. Parker all about their little brother’s latest tricks.

-Kari Stika