When the Time Comes for Hospice Care at Home

Cherokee Regional Hospice provides supportive care to people in the final stage of life’s journey. The focus is on comfort and quality of life, rather than cure. Our hospice services ensure patients are comfortable and without pain, so they can live each day as fully as possible.

Our highly skilled hospice staff and physicians collaborate to provide pain management and symptom control, as well as emotional, psychological, social and spiritual support for hospice patients and their families.

Our Hospice Philosophy

We recognize dying as a normal part of life, and hospice does not postpone or hasten death. Hospice is an affirmation of life, and our hospice care is thoughtfully designed to maintain the quality of remaining life for your loved one.

We provide comfort, support and compassion in a manner that respects and cherishes the dignity and uniqueness of each individual.

We believe that with appropriate care and surrounded by a caring community sensitive to their needs, hospice patients and their families can mentally and spiritually prepare for death and achieve a degree of peace to ease the journey.

When is Hospice Recommended?

Hospice care is for:

  • People whose focus has changed from cure to care
  • People who choose no heroic means to sustain life
  • People who choose pain management, care and comfort rather than curative treatment
  • People of all ages, from infants to adults
  • People with end-stage conditions including diseases such as cancer, heart disease, pulmonary disease, AIDS, ALS, Alzheimer’s and chronic renal disease
  • Family members who have lost a loved one (bereavement hospice services)

For more information about hospice, call 712-225-6459.

Serving Cherokee and surrounding areas including Aurelia, Holstein, Marcus, Meriden, Cleghorn, Correctionville, and more.

Specialized Care at Home

Hospice provides highly skilled care to patients and their families in the comfort of their home or residence, including nursing homes. Caregivers can call for help at any time. A hospice nurse is available 24/7. 

Holistic Care for the Whole Person

Hospice care focuses on a comprehensive range of patient and family needs. Our interdisciplinary team includes the physician, nursing staff, social workers, spiritual counselors, home health aides, trained volunteers and bereavement counselors. Pharmacists, dietitians and therapists also enhance the quality of life for hospice patients. 

Covered by Insurance

Cherokee Regional Medical Center Hospice is a Medicare-certified agency. In addition, Medicaid, HMOs, private insurers and charitable organizations may cover hospice costs. Our staff can help you explore options and will submit claims for you.

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