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Cherokee County Public Health touches the lives of Cherokee County residents every day by focusing on community wellness and disease prevention. Our Public Health services also prepare for, respond to and recover from Public Health emergencies.

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Project ICE (In Case of Emergency):

Being prepared is critical for adequate safety. An emergency can occur at any time. These often unexpected tragedies can leave us overwhelmed and stressed about things to come. Cherokee County Public Health wants to provide you with the materials that ensure you are prepared for these unpredictable emergencies.

Project ICE has been designed to allow Cherokee County Public Health and Cherokee County first responders to quickly identify our county’s most vulnerable population during a natural disaster or medical emergency. Project ICE is targeted to assist those 65 years or old or individuals living with chronic illnesses. Click to view the Project ICE Brochure.

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Become a Volunteer with the Cherokee County Medical Reserve Corp:

  • MRC Volunteer Application and Training
    • MRC Teams are groups trained to perform specific functions as volunteers. Each team is listed in brief detail with their capacity of training:
      • Clerical Team: The clerical team duties may include helping with office work, registration during an emergency, translating, greeting, form distribution/collection.
      • First Aide Team: The first aide team duties may include providing basic first aid at community events and in the event of an emergency at shelters and assistance centers.
      • Community Wellness Team: The community wellness team duties may include conducting health screens, car seat clinics, mass vaccination clinics, attending health fairs, and teaching/helping conduct specialty classes (ie. CPR, Stop the Bleed, donning and doffing).
      • Emergency Response Team: The emergency response team duties may include responding to disasters and traumas which involve the health and safety of the public.

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