Cherokee Regional Medical Center Monday, Jan 02, 2023

Become a Volunteer with the Cherokee County Medical Reserve Corp:

  • MRC Volunteer Application and Training
    • MRC Teams are groups trained to perform specific functions as volunteers. Each team is listed in brief detail with their capacity of training:
      • Clerical Team: The clerical team duties may include helping with office work, registration during an emergency, translating, greeting, form distribution/collection.
      • First Aide Team: The first aide team duties may include providing basic first aid at community events and in the event of an emergency at shelters and assistance centers.
      • Community Wellness Team: The community wellness team duties may include conducting health screens, car seat clinics, mass vaccination clinics, attending health fairs, and teaching/helping conduct specialty classes (ie. CPR, Stop the Bleed, donning and doffing).
      • Emergency Response Team: The emergency response team duties may include responding to disasters and traumas which involve the health and safety of the public.